As a Person.

My name is Nelson Luna and I am 24 years old. I'm currently residing in Jersey City, New Jersey, which makes commute to NYC easy. I'm an avid food junkie, and one of my favorite past times is finding new and exciting places to eat at. I was an active member of my college community, having been on a club e-board for 2 years, and becoming a mentor/advisor for the eboard itself for another two years up until my graduation. 

As a Designer.

I've recently graduated this year with a bachelor's degree in Digital Design. While most of my time in my major was dedicated towards 3D applications, I have decided to branch off into several other forms of media and programs, and became self-taught in them. While I am by no means a veteran in the field, I plan on gaining experience as quick as possible, and expand my portfolio at the same time. I have working knowledge of most of the adobe suite and my personal goal for this portfolio site is to upload new content frequently, experimenting with various mediums. I'm aiming to add a new piece of work every week, ranging from 3D models, to graphic design, and some video work. None of the current work are school projects, or are commissioned for a freelance or for payment; Each and every piece is a self-started project, as an attempt to challenge myself.


Ongoing projects

Motion Graphics

After finishing the first part of a motion graphics sample for my portfolio, I've decided to continue onto the rest of the song whenever I have time available. The song is 'One Week' by Barenaked Ladies. Any updates will be updated on my portfolio.

3D Modeling

I've started a collaborative project with some colleagues from college in the form of a 3D animation. In the near future I'll be uploading progress shots and when it is finished, the final product.


Contact me:

(201) 616 - 9356

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